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2008.12.15 - Essentials for a desktop! (2)

Continuing the list on software required for my desktop. This time with two important softwares, but that only make sense if you have someone to connect to! ;)

Secure Remote Access - SSH shell for Windows

Since the university I have been using some version of putty. It is a great client for connecting securely to a remote server! I use it to connect to the Linux server I keep at home. With it, I am able to access my home computer from anywhere in the world without fear of having my passwords sniffen... ;) One another great feature of this software is the hability to use key pairs for authentication, instead of a password, and the small key management utility, pageant, is really nice to be used.

Secure Remote Access - Secure Copy with the windows explorer look

Like putty, this one only makes sense to have at home if you have a server to connect to... WinSCP is a great software for connecting to a SSH or a SFTP server and copying (or even for organizing) file. With a simple interface, it allows the management of files in a much more simply way than the command line. (Though command-line is great, WinSCP can be a very good replacement for it... ;))

2008.12.12 - Essentials for a desktop!

Just got back to Brazil, and now I have to configure my desktop again... Had to try out a few of the softwares available... And I decided to write a little about my selection, so that others can save a few hours on that... ;)

Personal Privacy - Disk Encryption

I am a little bit sensitive about leaving stuff on the computer, mainly the things I wouldn't like others to see, like passwords for sites that I usually go to. Of course, I could always use Firefox to save them, it is terribly more pratical. I do that, but never for sites that I use to make online buys! So, personally, I prefer to keep important information inside a encrypted disk. For that I have been using TrueCrypt, an open-source project that has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac!

Personal Privacy - Messages Signing and Encrypting

Something else that always bothers me a little, is the way that an e-mail can so easily be forged... All you need to do is write a small program and you can do it! Or, even more, you can do that easily using telnet and accessing a smtp server, that usually does not validate the information being sent... So, an easy way to avoid that is with digital messages signing (and encrypting, if you are sending important of private information that you don't want others to see). One way to do that is using the open source project from GNU, GNU Privacy Guard (gnuPG for short). It is available in different languages and operating systems! Including Windows! I particulary was using PGP (or Pretty Good Privacy) for a while and even though it is not open source, it has a freeware version that allows you to encrypt and sign messages (though a lot of other features are disabled). It has a nice interface and works well with Vista, so, right now, while GNU PG is not nicely integrated in Vista, it is my program of choice... ;)

One detail about PGP is that there is no more a freeware version. Only the trial version that has all the features and then changes to a freeware version after the trial period. If you want to, you can just sign up for it, download and just not enter a serial number, so that it will be directly changed to the freeware version.

2008.06.09 - Clipes nerds!

Kill -9 (kill dash nine)

Uma música bem nerd... Só pra testar o blog, e ver como se faz pra colocar links do You Tube embedded na página... ;)
Pra quem é bem nerd, especificamente de computação, a música faz sentido, pra quem não é, só lamento... ;P
Eu tinha visto faz tempo, mas fui procurar semana passada e nao conseguia achar... Mas, finalmente, achei... ;)


Home page criada!

Agora só falta colocar conteúdo nela... Por enquanto vai ficar sendo somente um lugar para colocar algumas anotaçoes e minhas lições de alemão e de japonês... ;P

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